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How much time do you spend on making up your companies rosters every week?
Many small business owners try to do rosters in word processing programs, which often results in rosters layed out in a confusing manner. If your a multi-site owner, your rosters are probably stored on the local computer at each business, meaning you have to physically travel to each destination to sort out your rosters.

How long does it take you to add up all the hours each employee worked?
If you are a multi-site owner, then you will know all about the troubles of calculating the hours each employee has worked, especially if your employees work at mulitple sites. Throw shift changes into the equation, and you've got unpaid, or overpaid employees on your hands!

What about holidays?
Manually doing your rosters requires you to remember lieu days while you are making the roster. How many times have you had issues with employees requesting days off, only for you to roster them on that day!

We are here to help!
This website was designed with you, the user in mind. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that you spend as little time possible drawing up your rosters and figuring out the hours each employee has earnt in a week, and as much time on the other things you enjoy.

Sign up for free, and take a tour around the inner members area. While our roster management service is not free, you will find our pricing easily affordable, and our website extremely cost effective for your business.
Plus, for a limited time your new account comes with three months worth of credit FREE!

By using our rostering system, you will:
· Have access to your rosters and employees for all your sites, anytime, anywhere.
· Be able to print out rosters, email employees, contact sites, view summaries of hours worked, and much more.
· Have a more productive business, where you won't have to spend ages sorting out hours worked by each employees.
· Easily manage lieu days, and associated pay rates.

Our service will suit businesses of almost any size, from smaller petrol stations, to large supermarkets. Furthermore, because we value our customers opinion, we customise features to suit our users. Simply send us an email and we will consider your request and do our best to implement it.
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