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Our pricing allows even small businesses to be able to afford our service.

For just $10 per month per site all of our services will be made available to you with no strings attached.
Below is an indication of the savings you will make in time and money:

Sites Manual rosters (hours/week) Our service (hours/week) Time saved per year (hours)
1 1 0.25 39
2 2 0.25 91
3 3.5 0.33 165
4 5 0.5 234
5 6 0.75 273
(Data taken assuming approximately 20 employees/site, and exponential increase in time to do rosters and hour calculation as site numbers increase)

If you are a multi-site owner, then you will know all about the hassles of trying to calculate how many hours each employee has worked if your employees work at different sites throughout the week. You will also know of the hours you have to spend each week to accomplish this, and how this time mounts up over a year.

Using, all of your employees hours are calculated at the click of a button, and are able to be printed, or exported to your spreadsheet program.

All of your rosters can be printed out in minutes, and even emailed to your employees if required. Other handy features such as employee phone number lists are also available to all our members.
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