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Below are a few screenshots of our system in use.

Click the image to view a sample roster.
· The calendar on the right shows which days have no rosters (red).
· Clicking on an employee in the roster allows you to edit their shift.
· The roster can be printed in two formats (portrait and landscape).

Click the image to view a sample summary table.
· A summary can be generated for each of your sites individually, or all of your sites together.
· The summary period can be weekly, fortnightly, or four weekly.
· The summary table can also be sorted by first name and last name, and can of course be printed.

Click the image to view a sample employee list.
· Employee lists can be sorted by first name, last name, and payrate.
· Each employee can be edited by clicking on their name in the list.
· An employee can be assigned to sites. This assignment feature prevents you from creating shifts for employees that don't work at a given site!

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