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We are always thinking of new ways to improve your business. Here are just a few ideas that are currently in the pipeline:

· Coming Soon! Your employees will be able to login and view rosters.
·  Employees will be able to request for time off, or shift changes electronically.
·  Employees will be able to view their shift times online easily: no more excuses!
· Creation of an automatic employee shift allocation system, that fills in your rosters for you.
·  Uses a fuzzy logic system to allocate employees to their preferred shift times.
·  Alerts relevant employees by email requests for time off by other employees.
·  Provides a system that allows employees to accept requests, completely automating rostering!
· Introduction of a wage payment system, that will remove the need for overpriced and complicated payroll programs.
·  Store employee tax codes and calculate holiday pay, gross, and net income.
·  Exports data to a bank payment file of your choice to automatically pay wages.
·  Easy to use interface, without the need for expensive payroll programs that keep crashing.
· Your idea here!.

Got a bright idea? We are all ears when it comes to inovative methods to cut costs and help expand your business.
Send us an email and tell us what you think of our ideas, and about any ideas you may have!
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